First Step

This is the first step on our journey together…Living a modern life with strength, balance, mindfulness, and joy. Gathering wisdom from anthropology on how we are meant to move balanced with cutting-edge fitness research so that we can carry our children (or groceries) as we carry on with our lives…But first how I arrived here…I am a former athlete (fencer and long-distance runner)…who found my body so changed by motherhood. I tried my old strategies to get “back in shape”…but nothing worked. I trained for a half-distance marathon and finished with a time I was content with (under 2 hours)…but I wasn’t strong and my abs…well, they were still missing in action. I realized I had a diastasis recti like many women…and although I am a nurse and love modern medicine when it is needed…I refused to believe that the only fix was surgical. I sought out solutions that would knit my abs back together…And had some success with one well-known program but some unpleasant side-effects to say the least and it only fixed my abs…the rest of me was still imbalanced and weak. So I began to gathering info from other sources…both for my abs and for my overall fitness. I started interval training and weightlifting, I found biomechanics and alignment, I rediscovered my love of dance and yoga, and all of this unearthed natural movement and ancestral health. This blog is my figurative basket of gathered wisdom, inspiration and solutions …I’m slowly, one step at a time, becoming stronger and more balanced with mindful intention and more joy…in all, more fully alive, more human. Walk with me?

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2 Responses to First Step

  1. Sallie says:

    I will! I got teary eyed reading this. I’m so happy for you and miss you!


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