Not! Ready to Run…

Remember this song?

One of the hardest things I’ve done on this journey is (temporarily) giving up running. Before you even go there…Yes! I know that endurance running is natural for humans.  (BTW I still need to read Born to Run…Have you? What did you think?)  So anyways…why did I do such a “crazy” thing? Especially when I used to make fun of “walkers”…not meanly, just in a “why not run if you’re going to make the effort to exercise?” way. Certainly, I never thought I’d be a “walker” myself.  Oh life. Never say never.

My post-baby body just wasn’t ready for me to run (and still isn’t fully).  My diastasis recti (DR) and other issues (cough, cough, wink, wink) made my body susceptible to further damage if I kept up running.  Running is a high-intensity, repetitive sport and my body couldn’t take the pounding.  Furthermore, as I started to understand alignment and adaptation, I realized that part of the why I had DR, etc. is because I have always been a runner.

I started in 6th grade and never really stopped…track, cross-country, college athlete, 25k’s and half and full marathons.  All of this added up to tight psoai (and quads and hamstrings) that were shifting my rib and pelvis alignment. Without everything in its proper place, my abs (transverse abdominis specifically) couldn’t “turn on” and approximate.  I sadly accepted that I need a break from running to heal my core.  And here I am 2 years later. I didn’t think I would survive my break from running…but I am. And my core is the best it has been since having my three babies.

I have started to add in little bits of running here and there (and jumping too! as I cut that out at the same time)…and it feels so good. But it also feels amazing to walk, and walk, and walk…but that is a whole other blog post or two or three hundred. Do you run?  Do you walk? What if it is raining?

If you have pain, difficulty running, or have other signs of your body not functioning to its fullest potential do you still run?

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