Scavenger Hunt #2

Today is the first day of summer break here in Minnesota…Take time this week to notice how your children move and play.  How do they use in their bodies in play?  What really gets them moving?  What positions do they assume when doing quiet activities? When are they still?  If ever.  😉  Note your observations here.

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2 Responses to Scavenger Hunt #2

  1. Sallie says:

    Hi you! Ooooh…my girl loves to climb. Boy loves to ride his bike, around and around and around. Mixes feelings on that! But he loves it, and I think it’s good for his mental health. Unfortunately lots of quiet activities are taking place on the table because a certain 12 month old gets into anything on the floor. BTW, can’t write any e-mails right now, but I found you!


    • HuntGatherSquatCarry says:

      Yay! You found me!! I need to get the kids riding bikes…just don’t have a good space for it…Might be this weekend’s goal to get to the park and do it. Both big kids though are very much into the slack line…We moved it so it is longer and bouncier and they use it multiple times a day. Baby girl is working on walking and getting into EVERYTHING just like your sweet baby…What is your eldest climbing…trees?? mua!


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