Functional Fit Bit #3

Yesterday we ended up staying at the park after dropping my eldest off at camp.  While my middle child enjoyed an impromptu playdate, I did some playing myself.

I walked/lunged up and down the log stump steps a few times to “warm-up”…we had just walked half a mile to get to the park (and I held my 20 pound baby in my arms the whole way).  Then I got busy working on all of my “hanging” skills.  When I needed a break I would do deep squats, holding onto equipment so that my form wouldn’t falter while in the deep squat. There are sooooooo many variations of deep squats! However, at this time, the form I was aiming for is shins vertical and feet pointing straight ahead and to do that I need to hold onto something. Okay, okay…so what I did is as follows:

1. One set of negative pull-ups until exhaustion

2.  One set of chin-ups until exhaustion

Break/Squats.  Repeat 3 times.

3.  Traversed the curvy support bar of the monkey bar rings, there and back, twice


4.  Side swinging on monkey bar rings (what are they even called??) with hand release until tired/hands hurting

5.  Single arm dead hang until I fell (yup! LOL) repeated at least 3 times per side

More squats!

6. Dead hand with swinging for 30 seconds at a time, 3 times

7.  Quick forward traverse on the monkey bar rings a few times back and forth, just for fun…

And then my hands were starting to feel it…trying to toughen them up without ripping them to pieces like I’ve done a few times.  😉  Need to build up more calluses!

Any questions just let me know!

Oh and for those of you dealing with a diastasis recti like me…Don’t hang with your full weight if you can’t do so while also activating your transverse abdominis

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3 Responses to Functional Fit Bit #3

  1. Sallie says:

    Thanks for these, it helps to get new ideas, instead of doing the same old same old. Also, a little bit of , oh, she can do THAT is good too! 😉


    • HuntGatherSquatCarry says:

      Glad you like them!! 🙂 Post what you have been doing to! Love a friendly competition. 😉


      • Sallie says:

        Let’s see, squats, cartwheels, handstand prep- yoga style, and just throwing my legs up. I feel like I need some guidance, a spotter, or something, because I can get my legs all the way up, but I’m scared because I just sort of collapse once I’m up. Brief hanging sessions on the 12 inch piece of olive tree, step-ups, leaping from paver to paver, dashing around following F on his bike. Walking quite a bit. Various push up type things. Long jumps. It seems that there’s no such thing as monkey bars here! The playgrounds I’ve seen are pretty limited in activities.


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