Drop it like it’s hot

Squat!  Squatting is a fundamental movement pattern of humans.  It isn’t just the latest fitness craze.  Yes, it will give you a better booty.  And stronger legs.  And more flexibility.  (And with time it may even help pelvic floor issues, gals! and even guys, too!)  I work on my squats in two ways…as a “fitness” exercise when I get the rare opportunity to actually “work out” and adding it in to my repertoire of movement throughout my day.

Have you ever watched small children?  They squat all the time.  My youngest two spend a LOT of time in a squat, much longer than I can currently handle before something starts to ache or tremble. In fact, my youngest was able to squat before she could walk. My eldest…well we are working on restoring her squat.  I didn’t know as much during her youngest years as I do now about how to facilitate natural movement.  I wish I could go back and change things.  But nothing is finite…her and I are working on restoring our natural squats together.  How?  We wear minimalist shoes, spend less time sitting on furniture, and squat more.  That’s the short list.

So how do I squat more in my everyday life?  I squat to unload my dishwasher lower tray.  I squat while I am playing on the floor with my children.  I squat to pick something off the floor (so I probably squat 5 million times a day LOL).  I squat whenever I use the toilet or actually sit on a chair (which isn’t very often). Ever notice how easy it is to just settle onto a seat?  Rather than collapsing myself onto a chair, I mindfully lower myself just like a squat.  Same for when I stand back up.

My favorite way to add squats as well as a variety of other natural positions is to mirror my children’s positions while they are playing.  A favorite squat variety of mine that my children often assume is a one leg in squat position and the other leg folded underneath me. I’ll post a photo on my Instagram so you can see.

So whatcha waiting for??  Go drop it like it’s hot!

Linky Love

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Osteological Evidence of Squatting


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