Easy Exercise #3

Want to know a really easy way to sneak more fitness in?  Use your furniture less.  Really.  Don’t believe me, just try it.  Sit on the floor.  And don’t just slump there.  Actually hold yourself up…so often we let furniture hold our body rather than our muscles and bones.  Mix it up too.  Try a variety of positions of sitting on the floor.  Remember to untuck your pelvis or use a block or blanket to help you untuck if you can’t otherwise keep your pelvis in alignment while sitting. Sit up tall but with your ribs down.  You might be surprised how difficult this is.  I know I was when I made the shift.  My whole back was sore with effort (not injury) for a while until I gained back the strength I had given up to furniture.

PS Want even more exercise?  Play around with how you get up and down from the floor.

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