Scavenger Hunt #3

How does fear affect your movement?  Fear of failure?  Fear of injury? Fear of embarrassment? If you have children, how does your fear affect their movement?  How does the fear of others affect their movement?  Is your child afraid of movement?  Please comment with your observations!

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2 Responses to Scavenger Hunt #3

  1. Sallie says:

    Good questions! I try not to let my fear affect my children’s movement. I am trying to teach them to trust themselves, and they seem to be very good at assessing risk. Fear is infectious, after all. One time my middle child was speeding down a hill on his bike. I was scared and called out, “slow down!” and of course he fell. I’m sure that if I had just kept my mouth shut he wouldn’t have fallen. Are my children afraid of movement? Depends. If they are scared of something I let them know I can help them, or they can try another time. My oldest likes to show off a little, and likes to challenge herself. My fear is mostly related to looking goofy, although I’m mostly over that now. Sometimes fear of injury affects my movement, although for the most part, like with the kids, if I am willing to try, I probably won’t hurt myself. And I’ve learned that you just need to throw yourself into it and try. That being said, right now I feel close to a handstand, but I’m scared to make the next step because I don’t really know what to do, and I don’t want to land on my head!


  2. HuntGatherSquatCarry says:

    Yes! I think words are very powerful…I try to use “be mindful” when I just can’t help myself to say something. LOL And yeah I worry about looking goofy too or sweaty and a hot mess when every other mommy is looking cute and styled. Honesty. Wish I didn’t care but I do. And keep at it…I’ll be jealous if you get the handstand but so very pumped for you too! And falling on your head isn’t too terrible…I did it yesterday, ha! I was trying to do an unsupported headstand and ended up rolling right over…In some ways, I am less fearful now because the “worst” has happened and I am still okay! Miss you dearie!!


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