Afraid to Move

Collectively and individually, if we want to move towards fitness and wellness, we need to stop being afraid to move. Culturally, Americans are so risk averse that we label everything with warnings and choose “safe” sedentary activities (which obviously come with a lot of risk in reality…hello! heart disease and type II diabetes). Having children has made it even more obvious to me how much we fear movement.  Just listen to adults talk to children …”sit down”, “slow down!”, “NOT SO FAST”…”be careful!!!”, “that’s dangerous”, “you’re scaring me”. And believe it or not, I’ve had other adults ask my children not to run at the park because “they might fall down!” and what?? Skin their knee? Get a bruise? Trust me, I am fine with bruises and scrapes.  Do we really want to prioritize not getting a few bumps and bruises over obesity, and the other ills of inactivity?  As an adult, do we want to become so ill-adapted to movement that we are afraid to fall just walking around our house?  In some cultures, the elderly can still be seen squatting on the ground, while our seniors struggle to stand up from a chair.  Let’s embrace movement and the risk that comes with it, rather than running away (wink, wink) from movement to short-term safety that comes with BIG long-term risks.  To move is to be human, to not move is to ??? #bemorehuman

Linky Love

See the excerpt on climbing trees:

Article on how fear of fall and falling are related:

Click to access falls_and_fear_of_falling_which_comes_first.pdf

PS  My middle child isn’t afraid to move.  😉  Excuse the poor quality photo.

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