Functional Fit Bit #5

I actually had dinner on the table at a reasonable hour the other day, so I was able to play outside in the yard with the kids afterwards.  Here’s the functional fitness I did at the same time:

1. Played tag! Including a few rounds of what we called “baby tag” during which we cross-crawled instead of running

2. Jumped rope with my eldest side-by-side

3. Some plyometric style jumping by laying the rope flat on the ground in a straight line and jumping over in front to back, then side to side as fast as we could

4.  A round of “chili peppers” where you wiggle the rope fast at a height of your choosing and jump over it without touching the rope

5. Then headstand practice/silliness.  My eldest is quite proud that she is better at this than me and even the baby tries to do it which induces lots of giggles.

6.  A playful bit of as the inspiration hits me yoga flow…downdog, three-legged dog, wild thing, dolphin

7. Cartwheels! My neighbor from across the street was calling out encouragement

8. Walking side-lunges races with my eldest before she went off to climb a tree

9. 2 rounds of incline push-ups and tricep dips on the deck stairs

10. Practiced transitioning from a deep squat to sitting on the ground.  The goal is one fluid motion like the baby can do…but I still fall over. My eldest rejoined me and at first couldn’t do it, but then she figure it out! Yay for a new motor-plan for her! Neither of us could go straight from a floor sit back up to a deep squat.

Then it was baths and off to bed!  Hope you have a great Friday!

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