Gathered #1

Here are some of my favorite articles or stories from the past week:

Article on the sit/stand test that assesses risk for morbidity and mortality.  I’ve put lots of people through this test and many are surprised at the difficulty of it and their scores.  Try it!

A new idea for schools addressing the obesity epidemic is a “standing only” school.  I think it is a great starting point to addressing how schools contribute to our lack of fitness.  But I’m not sure standing desks are the perfect solution.  My older two children attend a Waldorf school. One reason is that there is so much movement for the children, especially in the early childhood classrooms.  A goal for the next year is to increase the amount of movement in my eldest’s elementary class.

Even glamorous celebrities squat and pee in the shower for the health of their pelvic floor!

Walks outside in nature are beneficial to your mental health! 😉 Duh!

Interesting article on how your environment affects your health.  Not in love with the headline.  I don’t like how we emphasize not being FAT…Let’s focus on being functionally fit. Also, my top 10 would be different.  One item I did like is leaving your fitness equipment out. My gear is right in my living room so I remember to use it and I can use it with ease throughout the day as I am inspired to do so.  One item I would add is your couch!,,20857242,00.html?xid=socialflow_twitter_health

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