Think Outside the CrossFit Box

I’ve been enjoying following the CrossFit Games this past weekend. The sheer raw athleticism of the competitors is so very inspiring. From the teenagers to the masters, each person is a testament to what the human body can do, young or old. And I love the strong female role models for my daughter.  I tell my eldest all the time that our bodies are meant to be strong and capable, to move, to play; that it isn’t about what we look like, but how we feel and move. I love so, so much about CrossFit…but I don’t do CrossFit.  Right now, it isn’t a good fit for me.  And maybe it isn’t a good fit for you either.

This isn’t a critique of CrossFit.  Though there are plenty of opinions out there, both positive and negative.  You can find them if that is what you are looking for. This is about where I am right now and what my goals are at this moment in time.  I am still healing my diastasis recti (DR), last thing I need is to do a GHD sit-up.  Or Valsalva while doing an Olympic lift.  Yes, yes a great box would accommodate and modify for me, but that isn’t always fun, to be the odd one out. Also, childcare?? LOL  I still haven’t left my littlest one with a sitter.  We are best buds right now, where I go, so does she…She can’t do Olympic lifts either.  😉

And I know others who will never do Olympic lifts either due to medical conditions.  I know other moms who just can’t find the time or childcare to make it work.  I know people way too intimidated to step inside a box.  Maybe you are one of these people. Maybe you are like me.  I let CrossFit inspire me, because surely it is inspiring.  One can’t deny that.  So I take my inspiration, where I am now, and where I would like to be to the playground.  I can’t do muscle-ups, but I CAN do the monkey bars while my kids play around me.  I can’t do stadium stairs with hundreds of pounds of sandbags but I can climb up the slide.  I take the parts of a CrossFit WOD that fits my goals and skills from the box to the sandbox.  And you can too! See you there?

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