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Easy Exercise #5

I’m currently participating in a yoga challenge on Instagram called Free Your Feet. Another way to “free your feet” & an easy exercise is to transition to minimal shoes as well as spending more time barefoot.  Each foot & ankle contain 26 … Continue reading

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Functional Fit Bit #6

My shoulders have been feeling tighter that usual, (probably because I held a sick baby in arms a lot last week). Without full mobility your strength and function are affected; not only is performance influenced this can lead to injury if … Continue reading

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Easy Exercise #4

Last post I asked about ways you avoid movement. One way many people avoid movement is by falling up the stairs. Huh?? Yes! Falling UP the stairs. You know, leaning really far forward then bringing your foot up so you don’t fall. … Continue reading

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Scavenger Hunt #4

So yeah, yeah, we all aspire to “work out” for an hour daily, but what about all the other hours in the day?  What do you do then?  If you are anything like me and most other people I know, … Continue reading

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Gathered #2

New study on how movement improves working memory. Go climb a tree! If you liked the sit-rise test that I posted before, here it is again plus 6 other tests that gauge your life expectancy: Read #2 and … Continue reading

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