Easy Exercise #4

Last post I asked about ways you avoid movement. One way many people avoid movement is by falling up the stairs. Huh?? Yes! Falling UP the stairs. You know, leaning really far forward then bringing your foot up so you don’t fall. Or if you are like me, you do them so fast that you almost really fall over and have to catch yourself with your hands, almost as if you are climbing up the stairs on all fours.

Going up stairs by leaning far forward is using momentum and gravity to help you. Take back the work by using better form and you will fit in some easy exercise doing something you do anyways.

To climb the stairs better (and build a better booty, too!) Keep your body upright. Push down through the heel of the forward leg while bringing your opposite foot up to the next step. Keep your shins parallel (don’t let your knee go past your ankle!) and feet pointed straight ahead, hip distance apart. Kind of like a walking forward lunge. You should feel your glutes and lateral hip muscles working.

I’ll try to post a video soon, showing the two ways. In the meantime, check out this video. It is so easy to go into autopilot with our movement. But sometimes there are consequences for checking out, or being distracted. 😉


PS What does this video tell us about motor coordination? And fall risk?

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