Easy Exercise #5

I’m currently participating in a yoga challenge on Instagram called Free Your Feet. Another way to “free your feet” & an easy exercise is to transition to minimal shoes as well as spending more time barefoot.  Each foot & ankle contain 26 bones, 33 joints, & 20 muscles, plus all the ligaments & tendons, too! Aren’t the muscles of your feet just as important as your biceps, hamstrings, et cetera? When you wear structured footwear, your feet aren’t doing all the work they are meant to do, nor are your joints experiencing their full range of motion. Don’t jump right from a 3-inch stiletto to Vibrams though. Transition slowly. And don’t just make the change for your feet’s sake…Your whole body will thank you. In fact, my first step towards fully healing my diastasis recti was switching to minimal footwear (I already spend every minute I’m home barefoot & always have!)

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