Free your children’s feet

Like I said in my last post I am participating in a Free Your Feet yoga challenge on Instagram.  If you have children it is important to “free” their feet as well.  We found a gem of a book at our local library entitled My Feet.  Author Aliki explains the function of feet and the basic anatomical parts.  But my favorite thing about the book is the different activities offered up to try with your feet.  Check out the book and try some of the challenges with your kids, such as walking on your heels, pick up things with your toes, and even draw using your toes!

Also, the book mentions footwear.  As it is back to school time, please be mindful of the shoes you purchase for your children.  My kids love their Merrell shoes (some styles are minimalist, but not all) and we just bought some Plae shoes to try this year as my kids wanted to try something different from the shoes they have had.  Also, two cheaper options are aqua shoes (we’ve found cute ones at REI) or ballerina slippers purchased a size or two “too big.” But my absolute favorite minimalist shoes for children are Softstars.

Anywhoooo…back to feet. What else can you do with your feet and your children’s feet to “free” them? An easy way is to spend more time actually being barefoot.  As Aliki says in My Feet, “I like bare feet best!” 🙂

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2 Responses to Free your children’s feet

  1. fit2thrive says:

    I like this info. I get my little one barefoot as much as possible but as it gets cold that gets harder. He really likes it so we will have to find something


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