Functional Fit Bit #7

This weekend we finished putting together a sandbox for the children, and they love it! So yesterday while my husband cooked dinner, and the little ones occupied themselves with digging, I moved my body. I like to always do a push & pull for my upper-body, and at minimum a squat variation for my lower-body.  Since, I only had a little bit of time so I kept it short and simple, focusing on these three movements. Here’s what I did:

Push:  Concentric Push-Ups (push-up starting from the ground) [2 sets of 10]

Pull:  Single Arm Bent-Over Dumbbell Row [2 sets of 15]

(How was I able to do this outside?? Benefit of renting a house, you inherit whatever previous renters left behind; in my case I found two 20# dumbbells when we moved in…I keep them outside since I have a nice set inside)

Squat:  Goblet Squat [2 sets of 15]  (with a$$ to grass)

Finished off with a game of tag!

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3 Responses to Functional Fit Bit #7

  1. fit2thrive says:

    Nice ideas. I definitely like the game of tag to end.


  2. fit2thrive says:

    Great ideas. I especially like the game of tag to finish 😀


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