Scavenger Hunt #4

In the coming days, think about how you gain new skills, strength, mobility, etc.?  How do improve the movements you are already proficient in performing?  How do you know when you are ready to progress? Or do you push ahead, doing too much, injuring yourself? Conversely, do you play it safe and never challenge yourself?

Look around at other people working out or otherwise moving their bodies.  How do they move? What is the quality of their movement? Do they execute well what they are doing? Is their strength, stability, and mobility up to the task of whatever they are doing? Are they capable of more? Are they using their bodyweight? Or are they using free weights, machines, etc.? What are most people doing?  Are they only doing cardio? Or only focusing on one body part? Do you think they always do the same thing?

Comment below! 🙂

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