Functional Fit Bit #8

I did this the other day while dinner was cooking on the stove.  Just one round because then it was time to eat.  Do two rounds if you have the time.

High Planks with Shoulder Taps

Side Plank with Hip Dips

Goblet Squats (hold something heavy close to your chest…I started with a dumbbell then switched to a baby)

Vertical Jumps onto an Unstable Surface (aka my couch! ha!)…My son thought this was hilarious and joined in the fun.

Bent-over Dumbbell Row


Dance Party

* Those with diastasis recti (DR)…Please modify the high plank and push-ups to your current ability. Need ideas how…Send me a message or comment below.  I’m happy to make all workouts DR-safe.  🙂

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