Gathered #3

I’m back from vacation and wanted to share some of the articles I’ve been enjoying.  Enjoy! And comment!

24 Fun Family Physical Fitness Ideas

Winter will soon be here, and while I encourage you to go outside everyday no matter the weather, it is always to have indoor movement ideas to get you and your family moving.

Stop Sucking at Pull-Ups

This article has great info on how to do a pull-up but SO MUCH MORE…Seriously, please read this, even if you think you will never do a pull-up in your life.  (And if this seems like a crazy goal, just start with a dead hang!)

Tip: Train Movements First, Muscles Second

Another T Nation article..Don’t be intimidated by this website…So much goodness here.  And I couldn’t agree more.  I try to incorporate a version of each of these movements whenever I intentionally “exercise”, especially if I am lifting weights.

Restrictive Dieting

Don’t do it.

Click to access CFJ_2105_09_Diet_Achauer2.pdf

Human Hands Evolved for Fighting?

Good read on anthropology and biomechanics regarding the function of the human hand.

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