Fit Trip

Oh my…So I think I really am finally caught up from our vacation to Boston. Traveling is so wonderful but it can really set you back in life and in fitness, too.  Here is what I did to keep my body and my mind happy (same goes for my kids!) while away from home.

Well before leaving home, I spent some time thinking about our trip and how I could get movement into our days. Planning! I hate it but it really does work. Since it was a work trip for my husband the first half of our week, I knew my days in the city would be just me and our three kids.  I looked at maps to find places we could walk to that would be interesting and/or delicious.  The children and I walked at least two miles each day to various parks (Boston Common!), playgrounds, cafes (Flour!) and restaurants.  While at a playground, I made sure to hang, do chin-ups, and traverse the monkey bars in lots of ways.  I played chase and “hot lava” with the kids, and climbed whatever structures I could, whether meant for climbing or not. This always makes other children look at you silly. In fact one day, I had every child that wasn’t my own ask me what I was doing and then they asked if they could play with me. 🙂 Moving your body well and playfully really does inspire children, even those who aren’t your own!

While packing, I also thought about how I would be stuck in a hotel room while everyone napped each day, so I tossed a lacrosse ball and yoga strap in my luggage.  I almost brought a half-dome too, but I knew I could improvise with a folded towel.  With just these two props, plus a hotel towel, I was able to do my Mutu exercises, yoga, and self-myofascsial massage.  But the hotel gym you say? time for me in the hotel gym either, since husband was so busy working, but that is the beauty of bodyweight exercises.  I did squats, lunges, planks, pushups, and tricep dips right in my hotel room; no equipment needed!

The second half of the trip was at my dear friend’s home just outside the city.  Here too, we walked a lot (love walkable cities!!) and checked out all their favorite playgrounds.  But the best (movement) part of the vacation was our day trip to Castle Island…Rather than spend a beautiful day chasing kids around a museum, we touched the ocean, walked twice around the island, played at the playground, climbed rocks, had a picnic, felt the wind on our faces, saw seabirds and boats, etc. And it felt so good after so much time in a city and on concrete.

I returned home from our trip, feeling as strong physically as before we left…and dare I say it? I feel as if I had more time to move my body and practice self-care than in my normal life.

How do you move your body while on vacation? How do you fit fitness into a business or leisure trip?

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