Scavenger Hunt #5

So the holidays are upon us, which is great! I love this time of year:  food, family, friends, lights, love, all that good stuff…But all with all the hustle and bustle, we often find ourselves stressed out and not feeling our best either.  How could this holiday season be different? How can you fit movement into your celebrations and festive preparations? Can nature be part of how you celebrate?  How can you slow down, but enjoy more? Will the gifts you give reflect your values?  Give all this some thought and comment if you wish!

PS Photograph is from Christmas day in 2013…I’m pregnant with our third child.  We had hiked around my in-laws property and built a fort, then took a little rest in the snow.

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2 Responses to Scavenger Hunt #5

  1. Lots of walks is my favourite thing to do during the holidays! Fresh air and a precious ration of sunlight. It also has a magically clearing effect on our girls when they start to get that grumpy, whiny air about them… Ok then, same goes for me too 😉


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